Rente un bote en Hamburgo

Discover Hamburg from the water!

Have a look at  the harbour city, old town and the landing stages from another point of view and spend comfortable hours in one of the most famous beach clubs along the Elbe.
For having Fun try to experience your one of a rubber dinghy journey, or give a voucher for this event to a special occasion. It would be a pleasure to fulfil your personal disire.

For detailed information click on the picture of the desired boat, please.

Bayliner 175 BR

- maximal 6 persons
- 5,33 m long und 2,13 m wide
- V6 Motor with 135 PS

- maximum speed: 65 km/h
- comfortable back- to- back seats
- radio

Please consider the tides, if you booking the boat. You find the boat in a Fleet (St. Nicolai-Fleet) .
In stormy weather, we can not rent the boat. In this case, we will contact you in time.

For further information please contact us at 040 - 244 249 27

Have fun wish!